Implementing Prometheus Exporter for Fluentbit

Background Fluent-bit is a great tool for logging and monitoring, many teams are using it to collect metrics and logs. Prometheus is also a popular tool for metrics analysis, but if you want to output Fluent-bit data to Prometheus, the only way is to use the node-exporter input plugin, which has fixed metrics and data format. In our case, we want to export specific input data into Prometheus, therefore we


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3 Ways To Access Host System In Docker Container

When we are using Docker, we always access the host system by mounting the host folders as a volume. But sometimes we can not do that due to deployment reasons or security limits. There are three workaround ways to access the host system. 1. Mount docker.socks into container docker.socks is a Unix socket that Docker Engine API listens on. You can mount /var/run/docker.socks file to your container and call Docker Engine API through this socket.


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