Steve Sun

Notion as a Dashboard

I have built a Chrome extension 无用主意 during the last month. The backend service implemented by Flask is using Notion as a dashboard.

Notion API

If you want your service to connect to Notion, you have to create a Notion integration on this page. Afterward, you have to share a specific Notion page with the integration you just created.

Now, you can call Notion API to visit your page.

Once the service has permission to write and read data to Notion, we can sync data between them.

I’m using a status column to let me know which row has been updated in the service’s SQLite database.

And also, I can update this row’s content, then mark the status as “To Update” to tell Flask service to sync this line later. Every night, the Flask service sync data from the Notion page to SQLite and marks the status as “Done”.

In this way, I am making Notion my backend service dashboard.